Our R&D Power Bases

We decided to locate our main R&D centres in world-class scientific hubs to take advantage of the networking opportunities and to progress our external innovation philosophy within established scientific ecosystems. Our three main sites are connected as an ‘innovation grid’, sharing real-time information, allowing us to adapt and focus capabilities to maximize our search and evaluation strategies on a global scale.

The Ipsen Bioscience R&D center in Cambridge in the USA is dedicated to a “Search & Evaluate” model to enhance the pipeline with clinical assets across all three Therapeutic Areas, but is primarily focused on Oncology and Rare Diseases. In addition, it hosts key functions essential to the delivery of clinical projects to market: the development team, tasked with coordinating and conducting worldwide clinical research, including in North America, and a dedicated regulatory group, which focuses on our regulatory activities with the FDA in the United States and Health Canada in Canada. The Cambridge facility positions Ipsen at the center of the biotech revolution and among the most exciting pioneers in the industry.



International R&D Centers



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