Our R&D Power Bases

We decided to locate our main R&D centres in world-class scientific hubs to take advantage of the networking opportunities and to progress our external innovation philosophy within established scientific ecosystems. Our three main sites are connected as an ‘innovation grid’, sharing real-time information, allowing us to adapt and focus capabilities to maximize our search and evaluation strategies on a global scale.

The Milton Park site is home to all of our UK R&D functions and hosts about 100 employees including researchers devoted to R&D in Neuroscience, as well as other R&D professionals including regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, publications, clinical development and project management. This R&D centre has been designed to encourage innovation and foster collaboration. It is home to our technological platform for botulinum toxins and is a pioneering research and development organization with unique experience in recombinant botulinum toxin technology.



International R&D Centers



investment in R&D in 2017