Ethics and compliance

Our bold and entrepreneurial spirit combined with the highest ethical standards constitutes the heart of our organisation. This is the foundation of our approach to listen, partner and work with all of our stakeholders.


Our dedication to improve the health and quality of life of our patients demands the uppermost ethical standards throughout all areas of company life, from research and development through to marketing.  We ensure that all decisions are made independently, in the best interests of patients and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, industry codes, Ipsen policies and the Ipsen Code of Conduct. We strive to instil understanding of our values & to empower people to make decisions in light of these values, and in the best interest of patients.

Promoting a culture of ethics and compliance across the organization is a key objective for us, reflected in our global Ethics and Compliance program, with the Code of Ethical conduct as the cornerstone. It is set out to achieve two main objectives: to integrate essential ethical concepts across Ipsen and, more specifically, to mobilize Ipsen’s teams around our vision of ethics.

The Code sets out the six pillars of Ethics at Ipsen:


Healthcare and patient focus

Everything we do is intended to benefit patients’ health



We are committed to quality, compliance, ethics and integrity in everything we do



We respect the need for independent and autonomous decision-making by all parties


Legitimate intent

We commit that everything we do is aligned with Ipsen’s mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients to prevail over serious diseases



We seek to be transparent about our actions while respecting legitimate intellectual property rights and data privacy



We take our commitments seriously and feel accountable for our actions and interactions