Our strategy is to build a global biopharma company focused on innovation and specialty care which delivers differentiated therapeutics to meet unmet patient needs. 


Ipsen is a growth story

Our strategy is to build a global biopharma company focused on innovation and specialty care which delivers differentiated therapeutics to meet unmet patient needs.

Our biotech mindset – combined with the scale and advantages of a global biopharmaceutical company – has already established us as a development and commercial powerhouse in our core focused areas, with a proven ability to bring new, life changing therapies to market.

In Specialty Care, we are focused on three key therapeutic areas, Oncology, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases where we can establish a leadership position and leverage our expertise from drug development to commercialization.

2017 was a record year for us, with strong growth in all areas of our business – our products are number one or two in patient share in our key therapeutic areas and we have seen double-digit growth in Europe and growth of almost 75% in North America.

We also added new phase II and III trials in oncology and achieved a major milestone with our next generation fast-acting short-acting toxin E, which uses new recombinant technology and is now being administered to humans for the first time ever.

In Consumer Healthcare, we have established a sustainable and growing business by a dedicated focus on building the adequate capabilities in our key markets, extending our brands and reinforcing our portfolio by the acquisition of new products. We are convinced we have the right base on which to further grow this business in future years.

To ensure we can build a sustainable pipeline of innovative assets, we are transforming our R&D activities by instilling a biotech mindset guided by bold, agile, entrepreneurial leadership that is wide open to both in-house and external input and innovation. With this strategy we are preparing for the future and getting ready to launch at least one new product or meaningful indication each year.

We will continue to invest in business development through innovative deal structures with a focus on early to mid-stage assets in our three key therapeutic areas, targeting best-in-class, wholly-owned assets with global rights. Unlike some other companies in the industry that traditionally focus on conducting R&D in house, we search externally across academia, biotech and pharma to identify the most promising investigational compounds, devices, technologies and IT solutions to bring into our development powerhouse. This will enable us to take full advantage of the accelerated speed of scientific innovation to develop more targeted treatments and other meaningful help to patients in all of our markets.

We are also excited to be investing in and leveraging best-in-class tools and next generation technology in novel areas, such as artificial intelligence and translational research to accelerate the development of therapeutics. Our biometry divison is involved in the technologies of the future encompassing both traditional biometry services (statistics and data management) as well as digital biometry. This gives us the capability for modelling, data mining and enhanced use of bioinformatics that are provided by the new digital landscape for example, genomics, big data, connected devices and in silico clinical trials.

All of this pioneering work is supported by a worldwide network of more than 20 partnerships from the basic research stage to clinical development, including Harvard University, The National Cancer Center in Singapore, Gustave Roussy, Universidad de Cordoba and 53 Laboratory. Together we have a tremendous sense of urgency and are relentless in our pursuit of therapeutics that provide value for physicians, patients and their families.

Ipsen is already a growth story. But with focus on our key strengths – our portfolio, our pipeline, our partnerships and our people – we can look forward to further innovative and sustainable growth in the years to come.



Today, the world of drug development and commercialization is a hyper-competitive space. The speed of innovation is much faster than it has ever been, and it will only get faster. That’s why we need a biotech mindset, which is all about agility and speed of action, as well as having a laser-like focus

David Meek, CEO of Ipsen



Financial Outlook

Implementing this strategy should allow Ipsen to see its sales grow as well as further improve profitability. 2020 outlook includes:

  • Sales greater than €2.5 billion, including Specialty Care sales growth of greater than 14% per year over the period 2016-2020 and Consumer Healthcare sales growth between 4% and 6% per year;
  • Core Operating Income margin greater than 30%.

This guidance includes the contribution from the recent 2017 acquisitions and excludes the impact from any further business development (other than development costs associated with potential new early to mid-stage R&D assets). It also covers the impact from potential Somatuline® competitive threats.

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