Our R&D Power Bases

We decided to locate our main R&D centres in world-class scientific hubs to take advantage of the networking opportunities and to progress our external innovation philosophy within established scientific ecosystems. Our three main sites are connected as an ‘innovation grid’, sharing real-time information, allowing us to adapt and focus capabilities to maximize our search and evaluation strategies on a global scale.

In addition, we have R&D capabilities at the following locations :


  • Beijing, China : Created in Beijing in 2012, the Asia Group Drug Development is the platform in charge of clinical trial coordination in Asia.

  • Berlin, Germany : The Berlin site has expertise and responsibility for the radiopharmaceutical development of peptides and small molecules. These activities are focusing on the radiolabeling process development and validation, as well as the support of the clinical sites for the local preparation and pre-administration handling of the investigational radiolabeled products.

  • Dreux, France : R&D activities are focused on the Pharmaceutical Development of new specialty care products for Oncology and Rare Diseases. In addition, all the Clinical Supply Chain activities for all Ipsen clinical studies are performed in this site. Dreux also develops a key expertise in drug delivery systems (Novel Formulation Technologies). These highly innovative technologies are either early stage drug development enablers (e.g. intracellular delivery of peptides) or instrumental for Life Cycle Management of commercialized products, providing opportunities for new formulations (e.g. long acting or sustained-release formulations) or alternative routes of administration (oral or transdermal route for peptides).

  • Dublin, Ireland : As our center for the production and development of peptide active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), the site currently produces the APIs for both Somatuline® and Decapeptyl®. Ipsen in Dublin also has responsibility for the development of chemical process and analytical method activities of peptide and small molecule APIs.

  • Wrexham, UK : The R&D Pharmaceutical Development (Biologics) Department at our Wrexham site focuses on the development of novel products in Neuroscience including bioprocess, formulation, analytical functions, working alongside manufacturing operations for production and global distribution of Dysport®.



International R&D Centers



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