Dear associates, patients and partners


At Ipsen we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously – and that is why we prefer to call it our ‘Company Social Responsibility’ because these commitments underpin everything we do. Our bold and entrepreneurial spirit combined with the highest ethical standards constitutes the heart of our organization. This is the foundation of our approach to listen, partner, and work with all of our stakeholders.

Our Company Social Responsibility involves working & engaging around the highest ethical standards in everything we do. We strive to instil understanding of our values and to empower people to make decisions in light of these values, and in the best interest of patients.

We are committed to continue to build bridges for patient care, which means:

  • Listening to patients so we can truly understand their needs and the many challenges they face as we accompany them throughout their life.
  • Doing our very best to ensure that patients have access to the treatments they require as quick as possible because patients can’t wait!
  • Adhering the highest ethical standards to ensure that our decisions are made in the best interests of patients.

To achieve this, we believe that our employees are our ambassadors who can truly make a difference. Through the values of our organization we attract ambitious people who are drawn by a purpose to have a direct impact on people’s lives through their work.  By recruiting the right people we aim to be an employer of choice in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry, offering employees a wealth of challenges and opportunities, whose end goal is a better life for our patients.

Along with our dedication to improving people’s lives, we are also firmly committed to protecting the environment and to supporting civil society and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to caring for our people and the planet by integrating design for the environment and safety principles into all aspects of our business; from the research and development of our products, through our supply chain and manufacturing operations and ultimately to our customers.

We show our commitment to innovation for patient care by working with all our stakeholders including patient advocacy groups, nurses, carers, physicians, regulatory authorities and policy makers on a global and local level to better understand today’s healthcare challenges, societal needs and the patient journey. This information can help inform the design of our programs to support disease awareness and patient empowerment.

Our activities worldwide require a large Ipsen investment in the community, with efforts focusing on patient associations and charitable work. We are delighted to be involved in so many initiatives that enable us to support the fantastic work of so many partner organizations, who have the same goal as us – to make the lives of our patients better for longer. 

As we look forward we will continue to seek new opportunities to work with all our partners, at every stage of the drug life cycle, in creating sustainable value for patients, healthcare systems and society.  Ipsen is already a growth story.  But with focus on our key strengths –  our portfolio, our pipeline, our partnerships and our people – we can look forward to further innovative and sustainable growth in the years to come.

In conclusion, promoting the needs and rights of patients, employees and society at large is really important, and it is exactly the objective and essence of our Company Social Responsibility strategy: a human journey of shared commitments.  Our vison is to harness the power of our employees to have a responsible and sustainable impact on patients, Society and the environment.


David Meek CEO of Ipsen