Career opportunities



High-performance culture

Everyone at Ipsen works on projects that truly make a difference to patients today and tomorrow. So we’ll take your performance and development personally. Last year alone, we delivered around 127,000 hours of training worldwide. Our culture is designed to cut out complexity and bureaucracy. We move fast and learn from our mistakes. And we’ve created a performance framework that focuses your development on the things that will have the biggest impact on our strategic aims and your personal goals. Of course, a plan only comes together if people stick to it. All our leaders, across the business, are accountable for ensuring that their teams are focused on continuous development and growth. Your development will be recognized throughout the year through continuous feedback and coaching. That way, we can all deliver our personal best for our patients every day.  




Fast-moving people

We are in the business of fast-moving innovation. Our people enjoy a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Each and every one of our employees deserves a robust career development plan because it is a key way for us to show that we care for them as much as we do for patients. From day one, we put in place a comprehensive on-boarding program that covers all the basics our people need to know about how we work. We also encourage growth through international assignments and smart collaboration across functions and disciplines. We empower our people to act like entrepreneurs, always looking to add value and taking personal, ethical responsibility for their work. Each of us is driven by the desire to learn, take risks, solve problems and move on to the next challenge. With this as a solid foundation, we focus on every employee’s development and offer them experiences and challenges that will allow them to progress and realize their potential.