Ipsen at a glance

Ipsen is a global biopharmaceutical group dedicated to improving lives through innovative medicines in Oncology, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases. We also have a well-established and successful Consumer Healthcare business. We are committed to discovering new solutions for targeting debilitating diseases and improving the quality of life for patients.



  • We have 90 years of heritage as a family-owned company and a publicly traded business
  • We sell more than 20 drugs in 115 countries and have a direct commercial presence in over 30 countries worldwide
  • We focus on Specialty Care with businesses in Oncology, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases, as well as a Consumer Healthcare business
  • We have over 5,400 employees worldwide, who are based at our many sites, including 8 R&D sites and 8 industrial sites
  • We are proud that 14% of our sales are reinvested in R&D, some €266m in 2017
  • In 2017, total sales exceeded €1.9bn and we are seeing double digit growth in Europe and growth of almost 75% in North America
  • We are one of the world’s top 20 biopharmaceutical companies in terms of oncology sales
  • We are on track to meet our 2020 objective for group sales of over €2.5 billion.




Ipsen is a growth story. We are becoming a leading global biopharma company focused on innovation and specialty care.

David Meek, CEO of Ipsen









  • Ipsen is one of the world’s top 20 biopharmaceutical companies in terms of oncology sales
  • In 2017, our oncology division contributed 60% share of our global sales
  • Our portfolio includes medicines for medullary thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, renal cell carcinoma, neuroendocrine tumors, bladder cancer, carcinoid syndrome and prostrate cancer
  • Our goal is to add new oncology assets to our portfolio and we are actively looking at a number of partnerships and acquisitions.



  • Neuroscience is advancing at an unprecedented rate and Ipsen is at the forefront of this transformation
  • Our portfolio includes medicines for cervical dystonia, adult spasticity, blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, hyperhidrosis and pediatric lower limb spasticity
  • We are just one of a handful of companies specializing in botulinum toxin, which causes a reduction in abnormal muscle contraction, allowing the muscle to become less stiff
  • Through our 9 Ixcellence Network we promote global knowledge sharing of spasticity and dystonia and are proud that since its launch in 2012, we have trained over 700 physicians.



  • A disease is defined as ‘rare’ when it effects less than 2,000 people – an estimated 350million + patients are suffering from one of over 7,000 rare diseases globally
  • Yet, some 95% of rare diseases do not have a single FDA-approved drug treatment
  • Operating in the area of rare diseases requires a distinct operating model and specific capabilities, which we are proud to demonstrate at Ipsen
  • Our current portfolio includes medicines that treat acromegaly (a rare disease caused by excessive growth hormone), growth failure in children and a drug for the treatment of central precocious puberty.



  • Our portfolio includes medicines for GI conditions, symptomatic gout, memory deficit, concentration disturbances, vertigo, tinnitus, irritative cough, muscle spasms and pain
  • Our Consumer Health division is focused on putting the patient first by designing simple, safe, effective and accessible treatments
  • We are focused on building our presence in the targeted geographies of China, France, Italy, Russia, Central & Eastern Europe and Algeria and further expanding our portfolio through the extension of our existing brands and external acquisitions.



Ipsen’s commitment to R&D is our bold promise to launch at least one new drug or meaningful new indication every year. Our end goal is to ensure that we bring innovative medicines to market to address unmet patient needs as quickly as possible.

We are proud of our valuable pipeline, encompassing both the lifecycle management of our established products and the development of new molecules including small molecules, neurotoxins, peptides and radiopharmaceuticals.

We will secure our future by building a pipeline of innovative medicines, establishing our leadership position in key therapeutic areas, ensuring sustainable lifecycle management and, most importantly, creating a company of inspiring people throughout our R&D organization.

We are focused on expanding our external innovation capabilities while continuing to focus on select in-house research. We now have innovation hubs in Paris-Saclay in France, Oxford in the United Kingdom, Cambridge in the United States and in Asia. Alongside these internationally reputed scientific hubs, we also have a further five R&D sites throughout the world and sustain contact with other leading academic research, medical and technology centres.

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