3i Pathways



3i Pathways is a program bringing together Ipsen’s initiatives in urology-oncology, for an individualized approach of patient treatment. Indeed, guidelines recommend an individualized approach to the treatment of cancer. Every patient and each stage of the disease require different treatment. Ipsen created the 3i Pathways program in order to improve patient clinical management and treatment and to develop a more efficient communication among physicians and with their patients..

3i Pathways communication platform includes several communications tools and resources all of which are valuable for physicians to stratify the risk of their patient, to manage the disease and to facilitate communication with their patient to improve patient care.

Latest progress in cancer treatment showed the importance of patient-tailored approach in the management of the disease. The 3iPathways resource kit is an innovative and constantly evolving tool that will be enriched with new findings and be updated with more programs. Identifying patient profiles allows physicians to choose corresponding treatment strategies according to their condition. This tool has also been developed to improve communication between physician and patient and thus to optimize their relationship by better involving patients in decisions affecting their treatment. In addition, 3i Pathways offers scientific and medical information programs and permanent access to the latest news about prostate and bladder cancer, through diverse events and conferences.


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