Ixcellence Network

Ixcellence Network® is an International Medical Educational Program developed by Ipsen under the leadership of renowned international experts in the fields of Spasticity (adult/children) and Dystonia.

This program, patient-oriented, offers physicians high scientific level trainings which encompass all the different steps of the patient journey in order to maximize treatment outcomes and improve patient-care management in Spasticity and Dystonia.



Since its launch in 2012, over 500 physicians from across 34 different countries have been trained on specific topics in the 9 Ixcellence Network® centers (Brazil, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK).

Ixcellence Network® allows and fosters Neurologists and Physiotherapists to share their experience and best clinical practices, across specialties, in Spasticity and Dystonia patient management, from patient assessement to rehabilitation.

Trough Ixcellence Network®, Ipsen renew its commitment and its will to innovate and go further to develop a better patient management in Spasticity and Dystonia.

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