Today is World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day!


Q&A_logo_FinalRenal cell carcinoma, more commonly known as kidney cancer, is the 12th most common cancer in the world.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer projects a 22 percent increase in new cases by 2020, making Kidney cancer one of the fastest-growing cancers with over 330,000 new cases diagnosed every year.
This steady rise poses a major public health challenge.

The term ‘kidney cancer’ describes all tumors that form in the kidney, but not all kidney cancers are the same.
Most of the time kidney cancer does not cause pain and may not have any symptoms until advanced stages when it has started to spread. Appropriate and timely diagnosis is therefore essential and we are proud to support the kidney cancer community for the second World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day.




Supporting efforts to educate and inform about the challenges and unmet needs of kidney cancer patients.
We, at Ipsen, are fully committed to supporting efforts to educate and inform about the challenges and unmet needs of kidney cancer patients. We remain committed to improving the situation of kidney cancer patients by joining forces with all involved stakeholders.




A 2-minute quiz, and a green kiss selfie to raise global awareness!

Established by the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC), an independent international network of 35 patient organizations, unites the kidney cancer community around the world in rapidly raising global awareness of kidney cancer and encouraging people to share what they know about this disease.



Join the kidney cancer community on social medias under #worldkidneycancerday to spread awareness and test your knowledge about this often forgotten disease by taking this 2-minute quiz, and share the green kiss selfie!

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