Transparency and Trust

Promoting the needs and rights of patients, employees and society at large is vital to us at Ipsen and it is exactly the objective and essence of our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.   Our vision is to harness the power of our employees to have a responsible and sustainable impact on patients, society and the environment.  We need to act with integrity, meaning that we must build relationships based on trust. 

Transparency is also vital to building trust with patients, policy-makers, healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs) and citizens.  We are committed to meeting the growing and legitimate expectations of healthcare companies in society. This is why we seek to enhance understanding about the way our sector operates.

We conform to the highest ethical standards, in compliance with the ruling laws, regulations and industry codes.  As such, we disclose information concerning:

  • The transfer of values to HCPs/HCOs
  • Clinical trials
  • Scientific publications
  • Interactions with policy-makers
  • Support to Patient Organizations

Patients are our best teachers and working with Patient organizations is essential to have a deep understanding of what matters most. We are open and transparent about the initiatives we support, the partnerships we’ve made and the Patient organizations with which we collaborate. These collaborations help us understand how we can best provide support along every step of the way.

Based on our dedication to transparency and under the EFPIA Patient Organizations Code, Ipsen makes publicly available a list of patient organizations to which we provide financial support (grants, sponsorships, donations, etc. etc..) or significant non-financial support.

Year 2017