Building bridges

Rapport annuel 2016

Building Bridges for Patient Care means having a pipeline of innovative assets that provide effective solutions for those with the greatest unmet medical needs.To bring the right medicine to the right patient at the right time, we need to work with patients, for patients and also work closely with patient groups. No patient should be left behind. They should all have access to the treatment they need as fast as possible.Patients don’t have time to wait.

David Meek, Chief Executive Officer, Ipsen

Interviews with David Meek

CEO, Ipsen


At Ipsen the patient is at the heart of what we do.
We continuously invest to innovate and deliver therapeutic solutions for the patient’s benefit. To hear their point of view, Ipsen CEO David Meek sat down with three patient advocates from the United States and Europe on March 13, 2017. Participants could discuss such critical issues as patient empowerment, patient-centered research, involving patients in the drug development process, access to innovative drugs and the role of real-world data.